FAQs for Critical Projects Process Website

In compliance with PROMESA Title V, this site provides a method of submitting and managing Critical Projects to support the revitalization of Puerto Rico’s economy and infrastructure.
Per PROMESA, a Critical Project is one that addresses critical infrastructure needs (in power, transportation, water/sewer or other), can be executed quickly, creates jobs, respects the environment, and can be accomplished without public funds.
Once you create an account, you will receive status updates emailed to the account on file.
No. Once your project is accepted through the website, complies with the criteria for a Critical Project, and is approved by the Oversight Board, you can then begin the process for execution. You will receive all of these notifications at the email provided in the profile.
You may submit projects that are ongoing or already submitted to another agency through this Title V Critical Projects Process.
Although you may secure any funding you wish for your project, the PROMESA allows the Revitalization Coordinator to prioritize projects that rely primarily or exclusively on private investment.
Any public, private or business entity can submit a project through the CPP website.
Unfortunately, we are unable to do that. However, we have taken the necessary steps to make it easy to submit a project.