The following set of criteria is used to determine if infrastructure proposals are Critical Project candidates:

  • Impact of the project on an emergency
  • Availability of funds to implement the project
  • Cost of the project and amount of Puerto Rico government funds required
  • Environmental and economic benefits provided by the project
  • Current status of the project
  • Additional appropriate criteria related to energy production and conservation


In order to make a final decision on whether an infrastructure proposal is a Critical Project, PROMESA-Title V outlined a specific process to follow

There are six key steps in the CPP:

  1. Project submission by a Project Sponsor
  2. Identification of relevant Puerto Rico Agencies that will have a role in the permitting, approval, authorizing, or any other activity related to the development of the project
  3. Expedited permitting process from each Puerto Rico Agency identified in step 2
  4. Critical Project Report to assess the project against submission criteria and provide a recommendation
  5. Public involvement to opine if the proposal should be deemed a Critical Project
  6. Action by the Oversight Board to approve or disprove the proposal as a Critical Project


Documents to be submitted in the CPP Submission Form:

  1. Any contract or authorization of use for the proposed site.
  2. Letter of intent or any kind as evidence of availability of funds (such as bank statements, audited Financial Statements, letter of intent, etc.) to implement, operate, or maintain the project.
  3. Contract awarded, or RFP award in cases where projects are Private-to-Public. Click here to view policy.
  4. Energy Projects requiring to be connected to the electrical grid: PPOA renegotiated with PREPA and in accordance with Title III proceedings.  Click here to view policy.
  5. Sources and uses of funds.
  6. Good Standing Certificate (In case of legal entities).