Critical Projects Process Newsletter – June 2018


Web-page New Image:

The look of the website was improved to make it more appealing and user friendly. It is kept updated with the latest information available about Title V process.  Users can find relevant information about:

  • Status of the projects submitted through the process
  • Upcoming events
  • Critical Project Reports publish for Public Comment Period
  • Links to relevant documents
  • Links to Puerto Rico Agencies involved in the Title V process, and other useful information.


Securing Authorization of Use for the Proposed Site Before Project Submission: Private to Private – Private to Public

Every project to be submitted through Title V process must have the following:

  • If the project is Private to Private – it must have a contract or other form of legal authorization of use for the proposed site.
  • If the project is Private to Public – project sponsor must have secured with the government its authorization of use for the proposed site through a request for proposal, formal bidding process, contract, or any other legal form.
June Newsletter